Do you want to book your vacation with no worries? 

Take out insurance!

What is insured?

Travel Assistance Section: The Assistance section protects the insured while traveling in case of illness or injury by arranging through the operations center ( operating 24 hours a day ) travel assistance services such as: telephone medical consultation, dispatch of a doctor or ambulance in case of emergency, transfer and medical return.

Travel Medical Expense Section: The Medical Expense Section covers with direct payment medical/hospital expenses for urgent and non-prolongable treatment or surgery received by the insured while traveling. This section also provides reimbursement for transportation expenses to the first aid medical center and expenses for medical examinations, diagnostic tests and outpatient treatment. The sum insured varies according to the final destination.

Baggage Section: This section covers material and direct damages to the insured arising from theft, robbery, mugging, and failure of the air carrier to return personal baggage.

Trip Cancellation Section: The guarantee indemnifies the Insured for the amounts paid and non-refundable, retained by the trip organizer, if the trip itself is canceled as a result of any of the specified circumstances provided they can be documented, involuntary and unforeseeable at the time of booking ( e.g. death or hospitalization of the insured himself or a family member, appointment of the insured as a juror or his testimony given to the Judicial Authorities )


Rate 5% on  AXA  travel cost (including registration fees and visas)

The regulations , available at the following link, must be read prior to the stipulation