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The magical beaches



Elba Island is a picturesque place, perfect for a love-filled getaway for two. Our Bed and Breakfast Villa Costanza is in a great location, perfect as a starting point to discover all the beaches of Elba Island. Imagine an intimate little beach, a bucket of ice and two flut and the sun setting over the sea. Just think how nice it would be to ride the Elban roads on a vespa and stop in a little cove to bathe and sunbathe.

These are some of the experiences you can have on Elba Island, a place full of magic. To experience the beauty of the Elba Sea combined with intimacy and fun, try a boat trip. Venture along the coast and discover many heavenly coves often only accessible by sea. Drop anchor and let the waves rock you as you wait for the sun to give way to a beautiful starry sky. One sunset we recommend is the one on Bagnaia beach, perhaps sipping an aperitif while the sun colors the fortresses of Portoferraio pink. Did you know that Elba is often chosen to hold weddings even by non-Elbans? In 2010, in front of Morcone Beach, Elba entered the Guinness World Record for the underwater wedding with the highest number of participants: as many as 261 guests! With more than 150 coves, Elba Island is an unparalleled paradise for those who love the sea: its beaches, each different and each with its own charm, and its crystal clear sea will make you fall in love! Elba is now known as one of Italy’s most fascinating destinations, a heavenly place, thanks to its exceptional mix of unspoiled nature and ancient culture.

Elba’s beaches are distinguished by their exceptional variety, able to satisfy every taste and desire. You will find long sandy beaches, pebble beaches, small coves, some of which can only be reached by boat, granite cliffs, red and black mineral beaches. Making a ranking of the most beautiful beaches is not easy, although some have gained more fame due to their extraordinary beauty.

It is very important to know where the wind is blowing from, so you will have an absolute guarantee that you will always find crystal clear water. We’ll let you in on a secret, just follow one little rule: stay downwind, that is, choose a beach where the wind blows toward the open sea. Don’t worry if you are not a “sea dog,” just download the Orient Elba app or ask us, we will help you make the best choice. In the more chaotic months, it is surely also worthwhile to visit one of the island’s wild coves so that you can be comfortable enjoying the sun and sea. The information you will find will help you choose where to spend unforgettable days, between swimming in crystal clear water and sunbathing. The seabed on most beaches slopes quickly, except on sandy beaches such as Lacona, Marina di Campo, Procchio, La Biodola and Fetovaia, where about 40 meters from the shoreline it still touches. On the island of Elba, you can choose to stay at a free beach or book your umbrella at a bathing establishment.

Now you just need to find your perfect beach!



A look at montecristo

Against the backdrop of the deepest gulf on Elba Island lies Lacona Beach. It is one of the few beaches that allows natural shading in the vicinity of the sea: abutting almost the entire beach is a beautiful pine forest that allows you to rest

and eat in the shade of the large pine trees that make it up. It faces south and overlooks the Island of Montecristo, is bounded on the east by the promontory of Capo Stella and on the west by the Fonza peninsula. With nearly 1200 meters of beachfront, it is the Elba’s second longest beach after Marina di Campo and owes its fame to the fine golden sand and to its natural setting: in fact, it is the only beach in the entire Tuscan Archipelago to have preserved intact some dune areas where the sea lily, with its fragrant white flowers, flourishes. On the beach you will find various bathing establishments and various facilities such as diving, boat and canoe rentals.

We recommend that you go to this beach in northerly winds.



Laconella beach is ideal for those looking for quiet places and unspoiled nature, the sea has crystal clear water and the seabed is quite shallow for several meters, so you can take refreshing walks.

It is about 210 meters long and consists of very fine light-colored sand, whereas in the part on the right, which borders the Ghiaieto beach, you will find many smooth stones, also of considerable size. The promontory of Punta della Contessa, which is located on the left side and can be reached on foot by crossing the rocks, is a truly impressive spot: here you can snorkel and thus observe the many fish that inhabit our sea. Above the promontory you will see the ruins of a World War II anti-landing coastal battery, which was placed to defend the Gulf of Lacona. To reach the beach you have to take the road from Marina di Campo to Lacona, then a small road on the left that leads to Camping Laconella and then follow the signs. You will find a fork, take the path to the left and you will be on the beach, the terrain is rough so watch out for potholes.

We recommend that you go to this beach in northerly winds.


La Paolina


La Paolina takes its name from the small island just off the shore, named after Napoleon Bonaparte’s sister who, according to one legend, loved to sunbathe on this rock. This reef is easily accessible by swimming or even on foot because the seabed is shallow.

The beach is located on the northern side of Elba, 2 kilometers from the Gulf of Procchio. La spiaggia ha un grande fascino sia per la presenza di questo isolotto, sia per l’acqua così trasparente e il suo meraviglioso fondale. The beach is very narrow and the sand is mixed with some pebbles, there is only a free part, the rest is concession, so you’d better arrive early in the morning to secure a spot. In addition, this beach is sunny in the morning and shady in the afternoon.

We recommend you go there when south winds are blowing.



This is not an actual beach, but a very smooth granite cliff that is so named because real pools are created between the hollows formed by the rocks where you can relax. The cliff is about 150 meters long, and the Pools are located near Seccheto Beach,

access is not super convenient and there are no facilities, bring your shoes, rock shoes, water, sunscreen and umbrella! The right side is usually frequented by nudists. The rocks offer excellent sun exposure all day and retain heat, so they are perfect for sunbathers, which is why they are also popular in the off-season. Le Piscine are a nature oasis characterized by clear water and are definitely worth a visit. To get to the Piscine you have to follow the provincial road from Fetovaia to Marina di Campo, about 1 km before you get to Seccheto there are some clay pitches along the road, where you can park your car. From here, via paths several dozen meters long, you will reach the cliff and the sea.

We recommend that you go to this beach when north winds blow.




Samson is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe and is part of the White Coast beaches, just 4.5 km from Portoferraio. If you want to experience the feeling of entering an aquarium, take some bread with you and throw it into the water, you will be surrounded by harmless little fish! It is formed by a large white cliff

and by smooth white pebbles that give the water incredible hues. It goes from blue, to light blue, to turquoise, to green to dark blue: a wonder! The beach is bordered on the right by a rock from which it is possible to dive and which divides it from the Source beach. To get there, take the Portoferraio-Enfola provincial road and after about 4.5 km on the right take a small pedestrian road with directions to the beach. Continue walking along the small road, the path is quite disconnected so we recommend you walk it with shoes. Continue along the short path on the left, I assure you that the effort will be rewarded by the beauty of the place!

Visit these beaches when winds blow from the south.



The bay of Sant’Andrea is a place that we can call magical, referred to as “An island within an island”: here the scents of the Mediterranean maquis and the granite dominate. The sand is white of granite origin with a turquoise sea around it. The seabed slopes slowly in the first few meters

and then sinks rapidly and is very interesting for those who practice diving activities: in fact, it is possible to dive directly from the beach from here. This area is surrounded by smooth granite cliffs that we Elbans call “Cote Piane,” and they are connected by sheer paths over the water that are definitely worth walking! Following the path, heading east, you will arrive at the cove of Cotoncello, an enchanting and secluded little cove, almost a natural swimming pool. Also, in spring, the entire stretch of this coastline is filled with the flowers of the Hottentot Fig plant and turns all fuchsia in color, creating a breathtaking effect. Continuing along the Cote, on the left, you will come to a very special rock that is called the “Whale” from which you can dive!

Visit this beach when winds blow from the south.




Cavoli is the most famous and busiest beach on Elba Island, both because of the mild climate that allows swimming from spring to autumn and because of the transparency and beauty of its sea. It is the most beloved beach for us Elbans, even in low season, the bravest,

They even manage to take a bath! Here the establishments open at Easter and close in November. Rent a pedal boat or canoe and reach the famous Blue Grotto, you will stay enraptured by the color of the sea! The sand is granite-derived and does not stick to the skin, the beach is divided in two by a cliff: the larger part, to the east, is home to various bathing establishments while to the west the area is free and frequented mainly by those seeking tranquility. From the beach you will be able to see the islands of Pianosa and Montecristo. Cavoli is one of the most social beaches, perfect for young people and fun-loving people, especially in July and August, Beach parties with live music and DJ sets are organized.

It is recommended to go to this beach when the north wind blows.



Barabarca is located on the south coast of the island, below the pretty village of Capoliveri. Perfect for lovers of nature and somewhat wild beaches, Barabarca is surrounded by agaves and alimo bushes. This beach consists of light-colored sand and pebbles, and due to the conformation of the bay,

is sheltered from almost all winds so virtually any day is good to visit. Its most beautiful quality is that it is surrounded by nature, so much so that visitors will be amazed by the breathtaking view from the top. Crossing the path to the beach you will be surrounded by greenery, and once you get to the staircase overlooking the sea, you will see crystal clear water and the islands of Pianosa and Montecristo on the horizon. It can be reached by walking along a footpath that will give you a view that will leave you breathless: on the right the rocks that make you want to discover the seabed, on the left the beach with the crystal clear sea. The seabed consists mainly of reefs and is rich in fish, ideal for snorkelers.

Our advice is to rent a canoe and explore nearby coves, such as Madonna delle Grazie, Maretto and Stecchi.




Fetovaia is one of Elba’s most striking beaches, with its sea colors varying from deep blue to light green, and it is protected from almost all winds: the wild promontory of Punta Fetovaia, covered with Mediterranean scrub, protects it from westerly winds and Mount Cenno,

at the foot of Monte Capanne, from the north wind. The beach is formed by golden granitic sand. The slowly sloping seabed and the crystal clear color of its water make it a true paradise to be enjoyed even out of season. Arrive early so as not to have difficulty with parking. If you are looking for a bit of tranquility, on the left side, there is a series of wide smooth granite slabs, perfect for sunbathing and a dip in the sea.

To appreciate its beauty even more, visit it when northerly winds blow.



Galenzana is a lovely pebble and sand beach, quiet and peaceful, not far from Marina di Campo on the western side of its gulf and offers beautiful views. It is a place of extraordinary charm: the sea is crystal clear, rich in posidonia and marine life, ideal for snorkelers.

Its characteristic, unique to all of Elba, is that you cannot see the open sea, but always a strip of land. Galenzana in fact is sheltered from almost all winds, just a little more exposed to those coming from the east. The beach is uncrowded and even at the height of summer it remains a quiet place. It is surrounded by tall Mediterranean scrub, pine and ilex groves with tamarisk trees reaching very close to the seashore. In some parts of the beach you will be able to notice large dark stones, this is because in Roman times it was used as a quarry for iron ore. The beach was surrounded by forests: this made it easy to feed the furnaces with wood extracted directly on site, so that the ferrous material could be melted and the metal extracted. The large, smoothed brown and black stones are precisely the remnants of iron flows from Roman times. East of the beach is the Cape Poro lighthouse, from the top of which you can enjoy a splendid view of much of the island’s southern coastline. The lighthouse can only be reached on foot, and we recommend that you wear hiking shoes to get there.




Always frequented by those who love tranquility, Fonza is perfect if you are on vacation with your 4-legged friend! It is also ideal for snorkeling especially along the two ends of the bay where the seabed becomes rocky. The strand is composed of fairly large and smooth stones, rocky.

There is also fine beach in some places. The characteristic feature of Fonza is that the seafloor consists of very fine sand and remains shallow for at least 20 meters from the shore. On its right, the Gulf of Marina di Campo can be glimpsed while the island of Montecristo is clearly visible. Near this beach is the Triglia rock, one of the “temples” for diving on Elba Island. It can be reached by land but it is much more convenient to get there by sea, starting from Marina di Campo where there are several boat rentals.

It is very well sheltered from north winds while exposed to south/southwest winds, and there is no beach service of any kind.